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Wellness for you

Relaxing packages designed to enhance wellbeing of body and soul. Emotions and beauty will find the right balance in your daily life.


Psycho-Emotional Massage
The Psycho-Emotional Massage is performed with slow, long and deep movements combined with melatonin oil that revitalises the skin and balances the mood. This massage is carried out on the entire body, including the head, face, hands and feet.
DURATION: 50 min – €75

Bamboo Massage
The bamboo massage comes from the tradition of oriental massage: it is ideal for those who want to combat water retention, cellulite and stretch marks. It is carried out using wooden canes that deeply stimulate the subcutaneous tissue in order to eliminate toxins and metabolic waste, restoring circulation and oxygen. The bamboo massage is also perfect after physical activity, as the bamboo canes have a decontracting effect on the muscles.
Duration: 40 minutes – €65

Pillole di Bellezza
Pillole di Bellezza is an intensive personalised facial treatment that targets the skin’s individual needs to achieve optimum results in a short time and with maximum efficiency.
Depending on requirements, pure active ingredients are used mixed with a specific carrier cream.
Products from our QBlu range are used for this treatment.
DURATION: 25 min – €40